How to Leverage Speaking to Double Your Business

with one scalable, repeatable & profitable signature talk


Sound Familiar?

You are passionate about helping others through your 1:1 work, but there's only so much time in the day...

Helping clients on a 1:1 basis is powerful, purposeful and impactful, but it also takes time and the amount of people you can help in a day is limited to the number of hours you're willing to work.

On top of all of that, you would love for your message to be heard by so many more people. You have a story to share. It could help so many people avoid pain and suffering, but again... there's only so much time in the day.

How can you make more impact, all while growing your business and your following, without taking on extra hours, more clients, or reaching complete burnout?

You MUST go from sharing your message 1:1 to 1:many!

Image the impact you could make if you could share your message once, and an entire group of people could feel moved and inspired by what you shared.

They start following you on social media because they loved what you had to say and they even checked out your website and joined your email list. The next thing you know, you've got multiple new meeting requests and potential clients...

Not only that, but that one-hour speaking opportunity just paid you what you would normally make in 5, 15, or more clients!

It's possible when you leverage speaking for your business!

Speaking is the best way to amplify your message, but also create an additional revenue stream in your business that has the potential to double your business, all while creating more visibiity, growing your followers and audience, and transforming into an authentic thought leader in your industry.

This could be you with the power of speaking!

I'm thrilled to invite you to watch this 4-part video series:

How to Leverage Speaking to Double Your Business

with one scalable, repeatable & profitable signature talk

  • Grow your brand recognition (and become the next big name in your industry!)
  • Make you more money (in a way that's scalable and repeatable!)
  • Grow your audience (faster & without paying for ads!)
  • Make a meaningful & lasting impact (while massively growing your following & community!)


  • Speaking isn’t a distraction from your business - it’s how you GROW it. In this first video, I'll share the importance of developing a signature talk - and a strategy - to nestle speaking at the core of your business marketing, outreach, and success.
  • How to incorporate speaking strategically in your business without getting burned out. How can you use speaking to grow your business - instead of resenting the very real, daily, and persistent NEED to show up and speak with your audience? You'll find out in Video #2!
  • How to move from topic expert to thought leader and become a well-known name in your industry. By the end of video #3, you'll know how to shift from mere topic expert (where we all start) - to thought leader and industry go-to!
  • How to create a WOW-Worthy Signature Talk so you can bring in more revenue in your business (with limited expenses!). In this fourth and final video, you’ll learn the secrets to creating a Signature Talk that gets you recognized, eases the time-money tension, and grows your business.

This mini-course will offer all of this & more so you can take one step closer to having the impact & purpose-driven business you’ve always dreamed of!


Hi, I’m Sally Z - a speaker coach whose mission is to create talks that move the world.

I’ve coached hundreds of speakers in the last 20 years, and I have to tell you: I love speakers (even if you don’t consider yourself one)! I love your courage, your vulnerability, your openness - and your determination - all to make a difference in the world and to move your audience.

There are some programs out there taught by speakers who’ve reached some success - and then they turn back to share with you what worked for them.

 That doesn't make them great coaches. A great coach is someone who truly empowers people. SEES them. Gets them. And I ‘get’ my speakers.  My expertise is coaching content creation and delivery. I know how to pull the best out of my speakers, and set them up to shine - helping leaders, like you, not just FEEL more confident about your abilities and experience - but rocket your reputation, credibility, results and impact.


“Sally totally up-leved my keynote/signature talk, focusing me in on the practical ways to advance my skills. My keynote became more dynamic, while maintaining my authenticity. Sally is fantastic. This is super high-impact work.”


"Sally called me out by first saying - I believe in you, and secondly saying 'I'm going to challenge you to demonstrate that YOU believe in you."


"Sally helped me to be proactive about writing my speech so I can have a go-to speech from now on. She did an amazing job of making the process very step-by-step and FUN!"


And as an award-winning speaker myself, I understand the grueling process of creating a talk. But when you can experience the reward that comes with impacting so many people with a talk, it's all worth it, which is why I have spent over a decade helping others further their own impact through their message.

Be Moved Free Video Series

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  • VIDEO 1: How to Leverage Speaking To Double Your Business
  • VIDEO 2: Don’t Wag the Dog - Fitting Speaking into Your Business
  • VIDEO 3: Moving from Topic Expert to Thought LEADER
  • VIDEO 4: How to bring that ONE - Wow-Worthy - Signature Talk to Life

This is your chance to learn how to create a powerful, repeatable, and scalable signature talk that will grow your business, save you time, deepend your impact, and make more money!

I’ll be sharing my insight from 20 years of experience as a speaking coach and speaker - you don’t want to miss this!