Speaking Story.

Develop and deliver a story that Connects, Catalyzes and Converts

You have an idea. An idea that you want the world to know about. 

Turns out - you also have a story to tell. (Cause that's how these things work!)

The story at the heart of your idea is the key to your audience's emotional engagement, commitment, connection and willingness to take action. 

So in this course, together with expert Speaking Coach Sally Zimney, we'll develop an "origin" or "signature" story that will make your idea matter to others, and elevate your role as a thought-leader and change-maker!

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Here's what you get:


Weekly Video Lessons 

Weekly lesson plans, videos and a workbook that covers the purpose, structure and nuances of sharing our "origin stories." 


Personalized instruction from speaking expert and coach, Sally Zimney

Take part in live workshops (or watch the replays), participate in weekly LIVE Q&A's to get your specific questions answered, and connect with other speakers through our private Facebook group, the TMM Talk Club. 


Powerful Industry Bonuses (TBD!)

Receive access to special industry bonuses that will help you take other aspects of your speaking to the next level! These are being finalized, but they will be awesome!

Sally loves speakers. She oozes empathy for the speaker and passion for the craft. She tells the truth in love and empowers her speakers with the belief they can grow. I finished my video excited to start prepping my next talk

Scott Savage, Movers-U speaker pastor, writer at ScottSavageLive.com 

What will we be covering?

What is it? and WHY?

Before we begin to figure out how, we'll start with figuring out WHAT - and then of course - WHY. Why it matters, the role it plays in connection and resonance, and the theoretical grounding of story. 

The Structure and Tenets of a Moving Story

This is where we'll pull apart HOW to create and share a good story. (FYI: It's not just 'beginning,' 'middle,' and 'end.' There's a lot more to it than that!)

Overcoming Barriers

If it were easy, everyone would be doing it (well). There's a lot that we have to wade through in order to fully own the moment and honestly and courageously share our stories. Let's dig into it!

Week by week: 

Week ONE

What is it? Why is it?

Dive into what a signature story is (and isn't), and why it is perhaps the most important element in our talks. It isn't just a personal journey; it can create movements and catalyze customers. 

Week TWO

The Tenets of a Good Story

What makes a GOOD story? What makes a bad one? We'll look beyond the basics to the nuances of memorable and impactful stories. 


The Structure of a Story

We'll build a basic "origin" story together, and then begin to build your own. You got this!


Sharing our Stories

Just writing a great story doesn't make it easy to stand up and speak it. Why is that? Let's wrestle with some of the biggies that keep us from really owning our stories. 

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