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Signature Talk Jump-Start Kit
  • What you want to be known for so you can become the "go-to" in your niche
  • What stories (and "pillars") are going to help catapult your voice out front
  • The difference between a topic expert and a "thought leader" so you can take the biggest stages
  • The big "AHA" that can mean the difference between you being in this same place next year (or not!)
  • Three deep-dive areas of your life that will unveil your core message - so you can save time in your speaking - and make a boatload more money in the next 12 months!
You are about to up your speaking game, big time

Leveraging speaking in your business is one of the most powerful pathways to more impact, more money and more growth! Especially in this new world - our ability to step out front (even if that means in front of a camera) and communicate with a clear and compelling message - is more important than ever.

Having a signature talk in your back pocket can be life-changing
  • Getting you off the sidelines, and up in front - finally influencing at the level you’ve always wanted, growing your business and seeing bigger results… 
  • Putting an end to the panic because you’re not ready or don’t trust or don’t love what you have when that request comes in… 
  • Allowing you to impact your audience not just in those big ‘stage’ moments - but tapping into your core message in hundreds of ways - podcast interviews, live videos, course content, workshops and webinars…

So grab your Signature Talk Jump-Start Kit so you can leverage the power of your voice - and speak with more ease and more impact.

  • Anybody who wants to be more visible with their audience this year, but gets stuck in content-creation overwhelm. 
  • You, if you’ve had that big stage dream and have your sights on the next, bigger stage - and could use some guidance to get there
  • The overwhelmed entrepreneur who is tired of the panic and doubt (and sometimes regret!) that accompanies a talk made on the fly, without the support you really need
  • The coach who has hit the "corner of death" in their revenue - and wants to find a way to shift from 1:1 to 1:many (enter $peaking)!
  • Anyone who is feeling unrecognized in their niche and knows they have so much more to offer and needs someone behind them saying "Yes, you belong out front." (Because you do!)

If you said yes to any of the above - you do not want to miss this!

Your virtual speaker coach

I’ve been coaching speakers (and those who don’t yet think of themselves as speakers!) for over 20 years. Hundreds of speakers. Twice the amount of talks. Countless audience members impacted, challenged, and changed. Helping these brave people step out front to share their authentic, compelling, and creative voices with more courage and clarity is my passion and my purpose.  

And there’s nothing I love more than to empower people to create talks that will move this world. 

In this kit, I am sharing the essential building blocks you need before you can have that moment out front that will get you more authority - more revenue - and more impact.

And I cannot think of a more important time than NOW to do just that. The world needs your voice, and I’d love to help you share it. 


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