If you are a big-hearted entrepreneur or coach looking to finally step out front with confidence and clarity


Then you already know that speaking is one of the most powerful ways to build your brand, grow your audience, and establish yourself as a thought leader in your space.



Sitting in the audience at your favorite conference. All eyes are on the stage. Everyone is captivated by this speaker, who pulls you into her brand and business as she shares her story...


signature talk studio speaker woman

IF I knew her secret! IF I knew...

  • How she makes it look so easy. She is so comfortable and confident! 
  • What stories to tell and what messages will captivate. 
  • How I can harness my time wisely… instead of taking shots in the dark and ending up disappointed afterward… 

You KNOW your stuff… And you *think* you could be great in front of an audience (after all, you've had some success along the way)… Your heart is telling you that you can have an even bigger impact - if you can just take the risk.

Here’s why stepping on stage (the free ones & the paid ones) is especially important right now:

Speaking makes your mark.

Stepping on stage (in any way) with a signature talk and story helps you own your authority and expertise in the most powerful way, and can catapult your business and results.

Speaking helps you break through.

When you up-level your skills as a speaker, it helps you in all areas of audience connection. And right now we NEED to be visible with our audiences to build trust for the long-term. It's no longer enough to write blog posts and post images.

Speaking clarifies your core message.

When you work on your signature talk and your speaking skills, you learn an incredible amount about your audience, their core needs - and how best to communicate with them. It’s a masterclass in message development.

Speaking makes you a better leader.

It’s true. The process of becoming a better speaker is the process of becoming a better leader. (And dare I say, human?) The way we show up as speakers in the big moments challenges us to show up that way in ‘real life’, too. (Isn’t that awesome!? I love it.)

Speaking needs are increasing.

The last two and a half years have been great for opening up even more opportunities for speakers. The virtual landscape has invited more people in. AND, when those big, live opportunities come to you - you want - and need! - to be ready.

Your world-changing message is only 10 weeks away – and with the right guidance, anyone can do it.


I talk with people from all over the world with the same push and pull:

“I want to step out front and have a bigger impact, but… [insert fear here]!”

  • “I don’t have time”
  • “I don’t have an interesting story or message to share!”
  • “I’m not a Capital-S Speaker”
  • “I’m not experienced enough”
  • etc... etc... etc…

We all know how important speaking is – and how much it can grow our audience and business… but let’s be honest: it can be scary.

Here’s the deal… It’s only scary if you’re doing it right!

Show me how to create my signature talk!

Even Harvard-educated CEOs, highly-successful entrepreneurs and seemingly ‘got it all together’ leaders battle speaking fears…

(That is, IF they’re about to do something they care about, and that challenges them.)

Let me offer you an INSIDER TRUTH:

Those “Who am I to be doing this?!” moments pull the best stuff out of us, if we are brave enough to step on stage, anyway.

And you - yes, you - belong on stage.

The world needs your story.

You’ve been heroically battling back “The 4 Horsemen of the Avoidance” that keep you from powerfully stepping on to the free and paid stages - and speaking…



Waiting until things are “perfect” (as if that exists)... forever feeling like it’s “not enough.” (But I promise that your audience doesn’t WANT you to focus on showing up perfect!)



You might feel intimidated and nervous… What will they think of me?! (If you can turn that fear into excitement, you can leverage all that powerful energy!)


Ego & Judgement.

You want to do this - but is this even an ok thing to want? What if people think it's all about you - when your focus is on your audience. It’s drawing lots of new eyes onto you - which is great… and scary. (You, my friend, get to take up space and share your voice, despite the nay-sayers!)


Imposter Syndrome.

You think: Who am I to think I can DO this?! They will find out I'm a fraud and have no idea what I'm doing... (Well, YOU are a big deal, and you don’t need a book or a zillion followers or a fancy blazer to make a big impact!)

You want to have that moment on stage - to have that powerful impact you know you can have…

And yet - it feels like something only certain (special) people can do.

Well - There are #NoSpecialUnicorns in speaking. It's Not Magic you were born with (or not)...And every ounce of it CAN be learned.

That level of mastery and impact all starts with a Signature Talk that gives you the confidence you need to powerfully (and profitably, btw!) share your message and grow your impact.

Show me how to create my signature talk!

Your "Signature Talk"...

Is simply a foundational message that you want to be known for and that is repeatable, scalable, and profitable.

Allows you to get clear on your message and share it in a way that is memorable and POWERFUL Every. Dang. Time.

Is an intentional part of your business - either bringing in more revenue or attracting your dream potential clients - or both!

Gives you a pre-built framework that saves you time and makes it simple for you to customize the experience to that specific audience.

Doesn't just share what you know - it shares who you are (in other words, it has your signature on it)!

Is your most powerful secret weapon that can transform your business and your life.

signature talk studio sally z

If you’re ready to develop your signature talk, your audience is ready and waiting for you…

“The Signature Talk Studio experience was amazing. I did not anticipate the depths of skill and community that would come from this course!”


Enneagram Coach & Keynote Speaker

That Keep You Playing Small In Your Speaking

  • Myth #1: It’s gotta be PERFECT: Perfection doesn’t move people. In fact, it gets in the way. We are going for something much bigger than that. 
  • Myth #2: I’ve gotta be an established Speaker/Author/Have a zillion followers…  You know what makes you an established authority? Stepping out front. That shows confidence, self-trust, and courage. The people who are seen as an authority got determined and courageous about sharing that authority. Your audience is waiting for you!
  • Myth #3: "Free" Stages don't count! If I were to tell you that you were speaking in front of 250+ people, you'd take it seriously, right? There are likely hundreds of people who are taking in your IG Live, or watching your Reel, or listening to that podcast interview you did. Let's not underestimate the power of the "FREE STAGES" that we have access to all - the - time! Social media. Virtual Events. Summits. Podcasts. "Speaking" means showing up for your audience - whatever the context. There are more opportunities than ever before!

A signature talk prepares you for showing up and serving your audience in any context. And given the unpredictability of the last few years, having a message you trust makes all the difference.

Here’s a secret to powerful public speaking that other coaches don’t want you to know…

There’s no ‘one way’ to do this.

Your authentic message will look different than MY authentic message.
And each context is different.

But learning a step-by-step process that holds you accountable to your results – along with guided, expert feedback – will help you leverage the power of speaking and step out front with more confidence, clarity and courage…without sacrificing your authentic voice.

So you can have the impact you’ve always dreamed of.

An award-winning speaker and Speaker Coach - and my mission is to create talks that move the world.

I’ve been doing my craft for the last 20 years - coaching hundreds of speakers on hundreds of talks (not to mention the hundreds I’ve given) - and I have to tell you: I love speakers (even if you don’t consider yourself one)! I love your courage, your vulnerability, your openness - and your determination - all to make a difference in the world and to move your audience.

There are some programs out there taught by speakers who’ve reached some success of their own - and then they turn back to share with you what worked for them…which might be helpful!

But it doesn't make them great coaches. A great coach is someone who truly knows the craft in the broadest sense, and empowers people in their own journey. Who SEES them. Gets them. And I ‘get’ my speakers. I know how to pull the best out of my speakers, and set them up to shine - helping these leaders not just FEEL better about their abilities and experience - but to see tangible, powerful results that rocket their reputation, credibility, and impact.

As an award-winning speaker myself, I understand the deeply personal process of creating a talk. Speaking is not for the faint of heart! Which is why I pour so much of mine into it.

Are you ready to step on stage - and leave your regrets and self-doubt in the dust so you can finally have that mic-drop - pin-drop moment?


Signature Talk Studio is the only course of its kind to...

combine a course, coaching, and a community to create a unique experience for leveling up your speaking game.

In the COURSE you'll learn a repeatable creative process so you can share your message without overwhelm or frustration.

In Live COACHING you'll receive personalized feedback to make sure your message is on point!

In the COMMUNITY you'll build the confidence (& skills) you need to massively grow your impact, alongside others who get it.

Module 01


How to dial in your message and story in a way that will cut out the overwhelm and create a clear path for bringing your talk to life.

Most people who set out to write a signature talk never finish because they get stuck at the very beginning - What should my topic be?

They analyze too much, get in their own head, and before they know it, they’ve quit and just go back to doing the same 'ol content that wasn't really doing the trick anyway.

Even if you’ve done talks before, you’ll use my unique method to organize your thoughts, get crystal clear on your topic, and identify the key stories and messages that will make your talk unlike anyone else’s.

By the end of this module, you will...

  • Learn exactly what sets the pros apart from the newbies.
  • Identify the topic that will become your powerhouse message.
  • Create your messaging building blocks.
  • Learn my essential framework for preparing for ANY message.

Module 02


Follow my step-by-step signature talk system to make your signature story a reality.

Let’s face it, creating a talk can feel like trying to speak a language you’ve never learned. How do you know what to say first? What will get the audience to stop what they are doing and listen to you? When is the right time to drive my message home so that it will bring people to their feet?
In this module, you’ll get access to my talk creation method that makes outlining and creating your signature talk simple & powerful. You’ll also get day-by-day steps and homework to keep you on the path to creating a finished masterpiece!

By the end of this module, you will...

  • Have a working draft of your signature talk!
  • Learn key strategies to get started and move through stumbling blocks.
  • Discover a content tool that will make your idea STICK.

Module 03


How to sound like you've been speaking professionally for years.

Do you ever wonder why some people sound so amazing when they speak and can inspire you into action just with the way they say their words? Maybe you've even given a talk that's fallen flat and you want to be able to finally step our front with confidence and 'wow' in the moment.

This is where we'll learn delivery tips and tricks to help you feel grounded in your body, and fully present with your audience (even in virtual situations).

By the end of this module, you will...

  • Identify ways to utilize your space and "stage" so you can look like a pro and captivate your audience.
  • Learn how to move your script into your body, without getting stuck in memorization and paralysis.
  • Discover what it takes to step out in front with self-trust.

Module 04


Learn how to cut out the pre-talk jitters and prepare to move your audience into action.

Imagine being off-stage. The host of the night is reading your impressive bio and you are seconds from walking on that stage and giving an unforgettable message that will surely get people Googling your name, following you on Instagram, and talking about you the next day. But what happens when the nerves start to take over when you walk on stage?

The answer: turn your nervous energy into your biggest superpower!

Turns out speaking like a pro is 80% mental preparation and mindset. Know exactly how to prepare yourself to speak and get into the mindset that will help you stand out as the confident expert who inspires action.

By the end of this module, you will...

  • Create your own powerful pre-talk ritual
  • Identify the mindsets that are holding you back and replace them with the ones that will catapult you forward.
  • Learn how to celebrate feedback, and implement what works.

Module 05


How to grow your business using your signature talk.

You’ve put the work in, and created a message that your audience needs to hear, will grow your following, and grow your business. But how do you get people to book you for your talk?

In this final bonus module, we’ll share powerful industry bonuses to help you take your talk public, get more gigs, and pivot your messages into both virtual and live settings.

By the end of this module, you will...

  • Discover the key steps to GET PAID for your talk.
  • Learn the marketing secrets from industry experts that will help you get your talk booked.
  • Learn how to translate your talk into various digital and live settings like Lives, Workshops, Stories, Reels, and SO much more!

Opt-into email support, and/or live coaching community calls so you can get coaching from Sally - and see transformations in real-time. This process is powerful not just for the speaker being coached - but for EVERYONE!

Here’s What You’re Getting When You Enroll Today…

Join the Studio! 

Video Course with 10-weeks of Support
(value $3,000)

10 weeks of intentional support and lifetime access to this step-by-step framework for developing and delivering a signature talk.

Movers-u Community
(value $500)

A supportive and private community of fellow entrepreneurs and thought-leaders to walk alongside you, where you’ll get peer feedback and support - including a powerful resource library of workbooks, downloads and archived masterclass interviews.

Live Coaching Calls
(value $2,500)

Monthly coaching calls to experience and learn from the questions and challenges that arise in the process - and see, get inspired by, and learn from the transformations as they happen!


When You Enroll In Signature Talk Studio, You'll Get These Industry Bonuses...

BONUS #1: #AskSally Channel
(value $1,000)

For 10 weeks, Sally will be available to answer your questions with a personalized video response that gets shared in the group - and posted in the #AskSally channel in Movers-U (our learning platform). The #AskSally channel is searchable - so if you're struggling with something along the way, you can easily access an answer (without having to sit through hours of Q&A sessions)!

BONUS #2: How to Adapt Your Signature Talk to Any Context
(value $3,000)

Once you get your talk, you want to leverage its repeatable and scalable power! Get the "How to Adapt you Signature Talk" workbook designed to lay out specifically how to utilize parts of your talk for 9 different contexts, so that you can use this powerful new asset anywhere, anytime.

BONUS #3: Bonus courses
(value $2,500)

Get access to ALL of our mini-courses - and cement yourself as the powerhouse go-to in your industry! Like the Virtual Speaker Toolkit (virtual isn’t going away!), Braving Videos camera confidence course, and the TEDx Masterclass bundle so you can have your “red dot” moment!

All in all, that’s a value of $10,000 - the cost of premium 1:1 coaching with me.

Who is this for?

This course is for people who want to leverage speaking in their business by creating a signature message so they can step out front confidently to elevate their brand, grow their business, and more deeply impact their audience.

What if I’m not really a “speaker”?

Awesome! I mean - if you speak, I would call you a speaker. But if you don’t yet call yourself a speaker, that doesn’t mean you cannot own your powerful presence upfront and have an indelible impact. You become the go-to by stepping out front and sharing your authentic voice and experience.

What if I already do a lot of speaking… How is a signature talk different from that?

A “Signature Talk” is simply a core message that you want to be known for, and that is repeatable, scalable, and profitable. Together, we’ll build a 20-30 minute talk that can be used in lots of different ways. With some adjusting for context and audience, a signature talk can be used as a keynote, a TED or TEDx talk, a virtual presentation, a conference presentation, a podcast recording, going live on IG or LinkedIn - or any of the ways that we need to show up for our audience on the daily!

This is one of the most powerful, profitable, and time-saving tools you can have at your disposal as someone who wants to step out front as an expert and thought leader.

Many of my speakers learn this process - and then use it to create additional signature talks, saving themselves oodles of time and stress - and setting themselves up to become known around that key idea.

But I’m doing mostly virtual speaking. Do I really need this?

Live events are coming back (yay!), while many events are doing some kind of hybrid approach; and virtual events are here to stay! We will continue to need to be flexible in our approach as speakers - and be ready to take our talks both virtual and in-person - which is one of the incredible gifts of a signature talk. There’s a lot that’s up in the air; your content doesn’t have to be one of those things.

If I do this course, how long before I’ll have a talk I can pitch and sell?

For those speakers who have content at the ready and can be flexible in their approach, this is a powerful time! Some events are booking 10 or more months out; and others are scrambling at the last-moment and need you to be ready. As soon as you have your topic, you can pitch; and as soon as you have your talk, you can give it. For some people, they need all 10 weeks to arrive at their talk. For others - days. It all depends on how clear you are on your topic and how much time you can devote to the process.

Will this help me create a talk I can use off a stage - like as a workshop? Or for a book? Or even going live?

Yes! Once you have a Signature Talk that you can pull out of your back pocket, you have the building blocks for nearly ANY message in any context. Live videos, workshops, 1-hour keynotes, 20-minute lunch-n-learns - you name it! And being able to take your talk virtual is obviously especially important right now - which is why we have included in one of our bonuses the “Braving Videos” mini-course, all about embracing video as a way to connect with our audiences.

What if I don’t know what I want my talk to be about yet?

That’s ok! Even people who think they know what they want to talk about often find that once they start the process, it evolves and becomes something else. As a part of Module 1, we get ‘clear enough’ so that you can begin the process of writing in Module 2, and have everything you need to START. (It doesn’t mean you have it ALL figured out, but you have enough to begin.)

How much time will it take to get through this?

Creative genius is finicky, and doesn’t often adhere to our schedules and expectations! You will have access to the entire course immediately after purchasing - so that if the genius strikes you can run with it! In order to help you stay motivated and on track (so you can be sure you get your talk done!), we will include suggested deadlines and milestones along the way to help you stay on track, get the support you need - and keep you moving through the process (even when your creative genius isn’t cooperating).

Each module has about an hour of content to watch and learn from, and then I would expect between 2-5 hours of work outside of the curriculum to implement. But, please note: you also need rest time for creativity, and a chance for the AHA’s to come and find you. This is a process; if you create the time and space to move through it intentionally, the creative process will do its work - and we are here to cheer you on along the way!

How much time do I get with Sally?

Sally will be available in the community, responding to questions, and encouraging you along the way! Sally will also answer your questions in the searchable #AskSally channel via video - so that all the STS speakers can benefit (and you can search and find answers as you need them). For additional support, you can join one of our 10-week "Sprints" where you get step-by-step email support and encouragement from Sally to help you keep moving and get through typical hurdles. There are also monthly, live community coaching calls with Sally you can join that both help you personalize the content and answer any questions you have - but also keep you connected to this community of speakers.

Signature Talk Studio will help you:

  • Create a Signature Talk without overwhelm. You will learn the process to move step-by-step towards your talk so that you can share your powerful message with the world.
  • Make Sure Your Message Is On Point! You will receive critical feedback in the Signature Talk Studio that will ensure your talk is powerful and moves your audience! You will share, collaborate and connect with other thought leaders within the Movers-U community. (← which is awesome!)
  • Write Your Compelling Signature Story that will Move Your Audience by thinking deeply not just about who you are - but who your audience is, and how you can uniquely apply your personal story to their collective experience. (Which is a magical combination!)
  • Take Your Signature Talk and Apply it to Hundreds of Situations, both virtually and in-person: podcast conversations, live videos, webinars, that dream TEDx talk - and in-person and virtual conference workshops and keynotes.
  • Take Your Signature Talk to the Next Level through expert guidance and feedback.

I will be the honest and loving guide you are looking for to push you to the next level - because I believe that something bigger is possible for you, for your business, and for your audience.

Let's do this! Join the Studio! 

"I've benefitted so greatly from the course, and from Sally. This course has been the thing I needed. It helped me not just figure out how to speak, but in the process, I've discovered why I'm here - what I really want to say."


Don’t wait until your back is up against the wall or that high-stakes event is knocking at your door to create a talk that makes your audience think...

Wow! They must be really good at what they do.”

It can put you on the map as an expert in your field…

It creates demand for your offer and presence…

It saves you time, stress, and worry about what you’ll say…

Most importantly – it moves your audience and leaves a lasting, impactful message.

I’m Ready to Create Massive Impact!

HERE'S THE TRUTH - Speaking is one of the most powerful tools you can use to connect with, impact, and GROW your message and your business, but only if it’s done right.

And you do not want to be “winging it” when it comes to your image, your reputation, and your brand.

Just like anything else when it comes to building your business, your signature talk should be strategic and include key elements that get people looking you up, researching you, and buying from you.

But that doesn’t happen with a talk that’s thrown together the night before or an exhausted speaker who's throwing spaghetti on the wall to see what sticks.

takes all of the guesswork out of creating your signature talk so you can show up out front as an expert leader in your industry and inspire your audience to take action.

There are so many nuances to creating an impactful talk to help grow your business that you can’t learn from YouTube videos or trying to copy what others are doing in their Ted Talks… and let’s be honest, you don’t have time for the “figure it out yourself” method (and copying anybody else feels inauthentic and robotic)!

And that doesn’t even include digging up the confidence to actually step out front and own your wow-worthy moment…

NOW is the time to grow your business and brand with a talk that builds trust, authority, and has the power to change lives.

Are you ready?

Before STS I was a speaker in my own mind. I had minimal experience but just enough to know that I wanted it to be my path. After STS, I know that I’m not only meant to do this, but everything leading up to the decision to take STS was designed to get me there. I now feel ready to step into the speaker world and into this position in order to serve my audience in an impactful capacity. Sally gave me the push I needed to get out in front!"

Mil Spouse Mentor

I have a YouTube channel and because of that I’m constantly being asked to speak. It gives me so much anxiety each time! Sally helped me to be proactive about writing my speech so I can have a go-to speech from now on. She did an amazing job of making the process very step-by-step and FUN!”

YouTube and Video Coach

Signature Talk Studio

“The STS experience was exactly what I needed right when I needed it! STS is the perfect combination of course content (great value!), Sally’s coaching (truly remarkable!) and the Movers community (a surprising bonus)! I had dreamed of delivering a signature talk one day, and STS gave me the tools to actually do the work to make it happen! I’m thrilled and so grateful! It was 100% worth the investment of time & money. Thank you, Sally Z. You moved me!"

Wellness Coach

I consider myself a seasoned speaker, and I had no idea that there was so many missing pieces to my talks and to my delivery and how I showed up. Sally is absolutely engaging.


“The Signature Talk Studio course helped me in several aspects of my business in addition to designing a signature talk. The frameworks really made creating and delivering a speech possible. I was pleasantly surprised with the content that surfaced from going through the modules. Sally's coaching and guidance kept me motivated to move forward. Having a group to move through the journey with was an incredible added bonus!"

Executive Coach