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In these two short videos, you'll learn essential secrets to speak your story with more authenticity so you can impact your audience and ignite your movement. 


If your story fails, your idea won't stick. 

In the 5-Minute Story Makeover series, you'll learn:

  • How to get your audience to care about your message.
  • What we need to speak with authenticity - and own our message in a powerful way.
  • The mistakes to avoid - and the storytelling strategies the pros use.  

Stories make the world. If we want to change the world, we need to change our story.

Michael Margolis Story

- Michael Margolis, Founder of Storied and This Moved Me student

What’s included with this free training?

6 rookie storytelling mistakes

Video #1: 6 Rookie Storytelling MIstakes (even veteran speakers make) - and what to do instead.

3 beliefs we need to speak with authenticity

Video #2: The Three Beliefs We Need to Speak with Authenticity

A course workbook to capture your learnings and make the most of the next opportunity to share your story.

Sally Z Speaking Coach

Meet your Virtual Speaking Coach

Sally is a presentation coach, speaker, and host at This Moved Me, a podcast and platform about the art of public speaking. Her mission for the last two decades: to create talks that move the world. Through her thriving coaching business and MOVERS-U, an online speaking platform, Sally helps entrepreneurs, thought-leaders and coaches transform their approach to public speaking - and finally learn how to speak with authenticity, clarity and courage - so they can move their audience, and the world.  

Here's Your 5-Minute Story Makeover

A powerful story can change your business and idea.

In these videos, you'll learn essentials to share a more effective story with authenticity, connection and courage.

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