Join us to discover 5 behind the scenes secrets to leverage speaking in your business and finally create your wow-worthy signature talk!

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  • The exact process of creation I’ve used with hundreds of speakers to help them finally create their signature talk
  • What you need to be crystal clear on before you can even begin to write
  • One of the most important tools that most speakers under-utilize, and it costs them in their message and impact
  • Strategies to stop avoiding the toughest parts of the process (because those are the ones that yield the biggest results)! and...
  • The powerful force that can finally unleash your potential so you can step out front and own your place as a thought leader in your space
Watch the Replay!
You are about to up your speaking game, big time

Leveraging speaking in your business is one of the most powerful pathways to more impact, more money and more growth! Especially in this new world - our ability to step out front (even if that means in front of a camera) and communicate with a clear and compelling message - is more important than ever.

Having a signature talk in your back pocket can be life-changing
  • Getting you off the sidelines, and up in front - finally influencing at the level you’ve always wanted
  • Making your mark and making a difference, growing your business and seeing bigger results… 
  • Putting an end to the panic because you’re not ready or don’t trust or don’t love what you have when that request comes in… 
  • Allowing you to impact your audience not just in those big ‘stage’ moments - but tapping into your core message in hundreds of ways - podcast interviews, live videos, course content, workshops and webinars…

So join me to learn 5 secrets of a world-changing, wow-worthy signature talk that will help you make the most of each and every moment you have out front.

  • Anybody who wants to be more visible with their audience this year, but gets stuck in content-creation overwhelm. 
  • You, if you’ve had that big stage moment aspiration, and want to use this ‘down’ time of live events to prepare for the happy day when that conference opens up again!
  • Those who are trying to figure out how to take their messages and make them more effective, especially in this digital world.
  • Anyone who has or hopes to have a high-stakes speaking moment in the next year...

If you said yes to any of the above - you do not want to miss this!

Your virtual speaker coach

I’ve been coaching speakers (especially those who don’t yet think of themselves as speakers!) for over 20 years. Hundreds of speakers. Twice the amount of talks. Countless audience members impacted, challenged and changed. Helping these brave people step out front to share their authentic, compelling and creative voices with more courage and clarity is my passion and my purpose.  

And there’s nothing I love more than to empower people to create talks that will move this world. 

In this masterclass, I am sharing with you 5 secrets of my particular approach that help my speakers move from IDEA to that WOW-worthy - so that you, too, can step out front and have the impact you’ve always dreamed of.

And I cannot think of a more important time than NOW to do just that. The world needs your voice; and I’d love to help you share it. 


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